Looking Forward…..

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here. To be honest I haven’t been out lately too, well out of the country that is.

It’s a real challenge for me to travel without even knowing or planning where to go. So I decided to list out my travel destination for the next 3 years. I started first with places easier to achieve, and that would be the Southeast Asian countries for 2014.

getaway 2014

All of the countries listed here wouldn’t require me to secure any Visa, so clearly everything is achievable. I have been to other parts of Indonesia, but never been to Bali. Well I was supposed to go there last October 24, but due to unexpected turn of events I ended up in Bintan. I do hope next year I’ll be there.

Escapade 2015

For 2015 it’s gonna be tough, 3 out of 4 destinations requires for visa. I want to visit Japan during Spring that’s why I put it first on the list. Usually Sakura Festival happens on April to May, and I would like to witness it myself. It would be a very lovely sight. (*SIGH!* Sorry I’m dreaming away again.)

Destination 2016

And here comes 2016, I believe this list is the most challenging ever. It would be very impossible to achieve all four in one year right? So hitting at least 2 from that list would be an achievement. Among these four places the easiest would be Maldives, if my research serves me right, I wouldn’t be needing visa there. Then after that where would I go next? I haven’t got a clue. hahahahaha!


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